Daily Threat Intelligence Report

This report contains following information. All tables and graphs are auto-generated.

  1. Overall statistics
    1. Number of domains detected
    2. Number of domains detected by Google Safe Browsing
    3. IP address behind entry-level domains
    4. date of collection
  2. Top 10 domain statistics
    1. count (number of redirection paths that contain this domain)
    2. tier (1 is entry-level domain, 2 is intermediate hop, 3 is final landing domain)
    3. registar
    4. organization
  3. Top 10 IP statistics
    1. count
    2. location (city, country, region)
    3. hostname
    4. organization
  4. Consolidated redirection path
    1. green: tier one domain
    2. yellow: tier two domain
    3. red: tier three domain

Content Warning: The following domain names and screenshots contain material that may be harmful or traumatizing to some audiences.

num_domain num_links num_full_url num_safebrowsing_malicious num_vt_malicious date ip user_agent
0 221 224 693 0 30 2021-06-29 Iphone
tier domain count registrar name_servers org
0 tier_1 hotellamaison.info 1 Baronofdomains.com LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
1 tier_1 assoholics.us 1 UdomainName.com LLC ns1.dnsnuts.com None
2 tier_1 hickorydickorybox.com 1 JarheadDomains.com LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
3 tier_1 iopy.net 1 Name Find Source LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
4 tier_1 gamespottingnetworks.com 1 SNAPNAMES 50, LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
5 tier_1 garciniacambogiasideeffects4u.com 1 Rally Cry Domains, LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
6 tier_1 dxnewradio.com 1 Aquila Domains LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
7 tier_1 g-paws.com 1 SNAPNAMES 72, LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
8 tier_1 fh-wow.com 1 SNAPNAMES 77, LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
9 tier_1 faidishare.com 1 SQUIDSAILERDOMAINS.COM, LLC NS1.DNSNUTS.COM None
ip hostname city region org postal country_name tier count
0 customer.sharktech.net Los Angeles California AS46844 Sharktech 90009 United States tier_1 31
1 customer.sharktech.net Los Angeles California AS46844 Sharktech 90009 United States tier_1 24

Aggregated redirection graph of domains located on current IP address.

  • The redirection flows from left to right
  • Leftmost domains are initial domains hosted on current IP
  • Rightmost domains are final landing domains we were able to crawl

Screenshot of high-occurrence final landing domains

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