Daily Threat Intelligence Report

This report contains following information. All tables and graphs are auto-generated.

  1. Overall statistics
    1. Number of domains detected
    2. Number of domains detected by Google Safe Browsing
    3. IP address behind entry-level domains
    4. date of collection
  2. Top 10 domain statistics
    1. count (number of redirection paths that contain this domain)
    2. tier (1 is entry-level domain, 2 is intermediate hop, 3 is final landing domain)
    3. registar
    4. organization
  3. Top 10 IP statistics
    1. count
    2. location (city, country, region)
    3. hostname
    4. organization
  4. Consolidated redirection path
    1. green: tier one domain
    2. yellow: tier two domain
    3. red: tier three domain

Content Warning: The following domain names and screenshots contain material that may be harmful or traumatizing to some audiences.

2tier_2barah-flo.com1Amazon Registrar, Inc.NS-1435.AWSDNS-51.ORGWhois Privacy Service
3tier_2trackyourmpg.com1GoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands Ltd.HUGH.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COMNone
4tier_21496.rebiraert.com1GoDaddy Online Services Cayman Islands Ltd.NS11.CONSTELLIX.COMNone
5tier_2americanlisted.com1ilait ABNS1.TELECOM3.NETIntegration 3 Group AB
6tier_3m.placespina.xyz1Sav.comLLCHUGH.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COMPrivacy Protection
7tier_3us.sercanto.com1OVH, SASNS11.CONSTELLIX.COMWickedin s.r.l.
0212.32.237.91AmsterdamNorth HollandAS60781 LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V.1012Netherlandstier_11nannan, D.C.AS30633 Leaseweb USA, Inc.20045United Statestier_11nannan Amazon.com, Inc.20149United Statestier_21ec2-52-73-147-241.compute-1.amazonaws.comnan
3104.18.25.3San FranciscoCaliforniaAS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.94107United Statestier_21nanTrue
4198.54.112.216Los AngelesCaliforniaAS22612 Namecheap, Inc.90009United Statestier_21nannan
535.209.61.240Council BluffsIowaAS15169 Google LLC51502United Statestier_21240.61.209.35.bc.googleusercontent.comnan
6104.18.82.149San FranciscoCaliforniaAS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.94107United Statestier_31nanTrue
735.201.115.142Kansas CityMissouriAS15169 Google LLC64121United Statestier_31142.115.201.35.bc.googleusercontent.comTrue

Aggregated redirection graph of domains located on current IP address.

  • The redirection flows from left to right
  • Leftmost domains are initial domains hosted on current IP
  • Rightmost domains are final landing domains we were able to crawl

Screenshot of high-occurrence final landing domains

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